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  1. Caper50
    66 Hardtop 289, 4V, 4 speed
  2. 3175375
    3175375 Opentracker

    It is great to see you still around.

    Going thru a divorce, alcoholism and my Dad's failing health. I plan on retiring in October and will hit you up once I get my diesel pusher. I need to put a short block in my Mustang. Probably go for a 331.

  3. Stangslang
  4. CHOCK
    CHOCK bartl
    Thought you had fell off the earth--Or something??

    1. bartl likes this.
  5. stump
    stump daveSanborn
    You still around?
  6. bartl
    Alive and kickin'.
  7. subpar63
    Tired, hungry & thirsty
  8. Josep
    Josep roboto65
    Hi there,

    I see you're from Conroe. I'll be in Lampasas at the end of October. I see you are located in the Woodlands, north of Houston, some 3h from Lampasas. We will have a cruise scheduled for Nov 5th IIRC, near Blanco, TX, maybe we will meet there.! I have my 66 Ragtop stored in my friends house there.

    1. roboto65
      Got a little ways to go before she is ready but I can dream LOL
      She runs but needs paint and interior work. Will check into the cruise she may be drivable by then just ugly.
      Apr 27, 2017
  9. subpar63
  10. KBMWRS
  11. KBMWRS
    I'm belly up most the time
  12. GrabberOrange69
    Hmm. 69stang is still belly up. Maybe they didn't pay their electric bill?
  13. KBMWRS
    Hey Justin, bought any new cars lately???
  14. GrabberOrange69
    GrabberOrange69 SAC69
    Hey, it's Bryan, GrabberOrange69. I've been away from Knotts for a few years now, but look to be going this year. Any chance you're making the trip down?

    Doing ok here, just really busy. Still have the '69 GT350. Sold the gold '65 coup. Rescued a '65 Country Sedan from a barn in Idaho.

    How's life? Still in Cali?

  15. KBMWRS
  16. RagTop
  17. cmayna
    Up yours to all and a very merry Ho Ho Ho
  18. thebruce
    Accumulating parts
  19. Ponyboy66
    Pole Position
  20. cmayna
    1. B67FSTB
      Hee old goat !! How are you ??
      Jul 23, 2016