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'65 Shelby GT350

  • Couldn't afford a Cobra? The Shelby Mustang was the next best thing. Although not as light as the AC Ace, the Mustang GT350 was light enough to trounce anything American-made out there. The GT350 was bad to the bone with the Shelby-warmed 289 Hi-Po mill under the hood. Ol' Shel' took the 271-horse version and worked a little magic to the tune of over 300 ponies. When the GT350s began racing, the proof was in the pudding as they won race after race. Over at GM, the Corvette people were confounded. The Sting Ray couldn't keep up with the lighter Mustang, Chevrolet had been so absorbed in its Corvette program that it had virtually ignored Carroll Shelby when he approached the company in the early '60s looking for an engine supplier to help him implement his "hair-brained" ideas. The ideas didn't look so hair-brained when the expensive Corvette Sting Ray program was embarrassed at the racetrack.

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