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'69-'70 Boss 429

  • The Boss 429 Mustang can certainly be considered king of the Mustang hill. It has the largest displacement of any Mustang ever built, and it also has a very large place in Mustang history.

    Like some other great performance engines, the story for the Boss 429 began at the '64 Daytona 500. Ford was spanked so badly that year, the brass got more than a little upset. They got off their collective posteriors and decided to do something. What eventually resulted was a whole new big-block engine designated the 385 series. This was no ordinary mill. Way ahead of the old FE series in technology, the new engine first saw service in FoMoCo big cars like the T-bird and Lincoln.

    The most important new feature of the new 429 was the cylinder-head design. In Boss configuration, the heads featured both hemispherical combustion chambers and a twisted or canted valve design. All of this resulted in dimensionally huge cylinder heads and an equally large engine. The Boss Nine mill filled the Mustang engine bay completely. Although the engine had been developed for racing, it was necessary for Ford to build at least 500 copies for sale to the public in order to get the mill approved for NASCAR racing homologation. Thus, the Boss 429 Mustang was born.

    Boss 429 cars sold for street use were severely detuned versions that ran the quarter in the low-14-second range, with 0-60 times around 7 flat. With production figures so low and displacement so high, it's no wonder the Boss 429 is perhaps the most sought after collectible Mustang of all.

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