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'70 Mach 1 351C

  • The Mach 1 was a very popular Mustang. It replaced the Mustang GT as the top seller, and it was available with a wide variety of engines. The 351W got its additional displacement by raising the deck height on the 302 block. All this was fine and dandy, and the 351 Windsor is a great engine. But we're not talking Windsor here.

    Although displacement is the same, the new 351 was a different beast entirely. The name is derived from its plant of origin in Cleveland. Similar cylinder heads were used on the Boss 302. In fact, the whole 351C engine had been developed by 1969 and was scheduled for introduction in the '70 model year. Unlike the '69 351W or the Boss 302 block, the 351 Cleveland block had no small-block heritage. For the 1970-1974 period, it stands alone in Ford history. There is little doubt, however, that the advanced-design heads worked their magic for the 351 just as they had done for the 302.

    In our memories, it seems that the 351C and the Mach 1 belong together. Although the Mach 1 was available with a wide selection of engines, it's the 351 Cleveland Mach 1 that seems immortal.

    Read more: http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/29460-25-hottest-ford-mustangs/#ixzz38dutL76V

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