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1967 Hot Rod

Discussion in 'Member's Build Threads' started by Coleman, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    OK. I found this shell on a job in Blue Ridge, TX. Made an offer, got it home and.........
  2. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    The car really is a shell, lacking drive train, interior, suspension, front end. After title transfer, I started the parts gathering and planning.

    The plan is to install a 2003 Cobra drive train. T56 9" 4.11 DL

    I purchased this suspension set up from TCI (Total Cost Involved) off ebay. I chose it because it is already notched for Mod Motor and they offer Modular Motor mounts as an option.
  3. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    I would not be undertaking this conversion without the help of my good friend, Gary Murphy of Wylie, Texas. He has experience with mod motor swap as he swapped in a 2001 Cobra drive train in his 68. That's Gary on the right.

    We started work in March of 2010. Drive train is installed and running, ac is in and leak checked, power steering completed, hydro boost 4 wheel disc brakes finished, line lock installed and we continue working the factory wire harness. We have nearly a 1,000 pics, so if anyone needs details just ask!

    As time permits, I will post the build steps and pics to date.
  4. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    Rust Repair....

    Both front floor pans + battery apron + cowl delete.

    The cowl vents had the ring of rust. During the repair we decided that since the indash a/c eliminated the passenger side vent that we would seal it closed and duplicated the effort on the drivers side.
  5. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    Vintage Air Gen IV.

    No cowl vents so gotta have a/c.

    Ron Morris Clutch Cable Conversion

    MustangSteve Bearing kit

    btw, if you are doing clutch or brake pedal work its a lot easier from the top with a nice big hole where the cowl vent was!
  6. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    13" Six Piston Chompers in front and 12" Four Piston in rear.

    Modified 03 Hydro Boost to fit 67 Firewall.

    When I slam on anchors this ought to do it!
  7. Daves69Coupe

    Daves69Coupe Member

    nice build, this is gona be a pretty awesome car when done. Wallets gona b a lil empty though :craz
  8. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    Thanks! and yes, my wallet is taking a big spanking!
  9. janschutz

    janschutz Corn Hauler

    Keep the pictures coming, when do I get to see it in person?
  10. Coleman

    Coleman Member

  11. daveSanborn

    daveSanborn Active Member

    How much clearance do you have between the rear of the DS cylinder head and the brake master cylinder? I have dreams of one day installing a 4.6 DOHC motor into my '66, but figure I'll have to "re-do" the brake system as there's currently a traditional PB booster installed.
  12. Dave i went with ABS brakes out of calf, and used there electric brakes. you can see how we hid it on my website. Rich.
  13. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    I am not sure if the 65/66 engine bay width is the same. Looks like 1/2 -3/4", anyways, here is pic. My kit came with mod motor mounts and sits a little higher than I wished...so engine is closer to the hydro boost.

    I wanted to use the hydro boost from the donor car to save $. We had to work the mounting bracket a lot to get to fit and operate SAFELY.

    The red mod motor pic is a 65 or 66 with a traditional style power brake set up. I wish my engine set a couple inches lower like his. He may be on this board? His mod motor swap looks factory fresh!
  14. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    T56 + Engine Install

    Had to hack the firewall and trans tunnel for "best" fitment. We wanted to be able to service the clutch without pulling the engine.

    Since the TCI front end/motor mount kit had the engine up more than we wanted, TCI compensated some by moving engine back, thus the HACK!

    Gary used the front of the "sub frame torque arm" connector to fab a rear trans mount, that is what he's pointing at it.
  15. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    More pics.

    We set up the rear end, installed the engine and trans. Measured for the drive shaft, drove down to Drive Shaft King in Dallas at 10 am and the drive shaft was ready at 4 pm! Big thumbs up to Drive Shaft King!
  16. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    Rich, You build sharp cars! Wish they had the electric brakes when I built my 65! I used this under dash pwr brake/hyd clutch so I could shave both sides of my firewall. Jerry
  17. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    AC, Inner Cooler, Emergency Brake

    Got a new Canton Inter Cooler tank and Gary immediately cut it up. Customized may be a better description. We need space where the battery was for the Cold Air Intake. It is now installed and it functions!

    Vintage Air Gen IV is now wired and operated via the 03 computer. Pulled a vacuum after leak check and set charge then TEST. It was about 96 degrees and we measured 55 degrees out the vents. I'm very pleased with a 41 degree temperature drop. The Cobra computer recognized the AC was on and turned on the cooling fan and increased the engine speed.

    The emergency brakes are stock above the floor board. Under the floor board the cables are activated 67 style but are cabled a little differently to connect to the Wilwood rears.

    We could drive the car, but no exhaust or wheels! The wheels are on back order with Vintage Wheel Works so we are looking for some 17" rollers so we can trailer to exhaust shop.

    This is current stuff that was performed this weekend! (Sept 2010)
  18. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    Summit Radiator Install

    I am using this Summit Radiator Part Number 380425. Its bigger and fits better than the Cobra radiator and is a dual row cross flow racing radiator. Drilled holes in side tanks and welded in bungs, then drilled and tapped for the fan. Trimmed the Cobra fan and mounted. Made an upper bracket and two lower ones. The upper one has the nuts welded on the back of it so I can remove. The two lower ones are welded to the bottom of the radiator support. Trimmed the radiator support for forward depth. Then welded on some side pieces to force air into radiator.

    Radiator, overflow and fan goes in and out as a pkg.
  19. Coleman

    Coleman Member

    Summit Radiator Now

    Mod motors have a funky way of routing water flow, so we "adapted" the radiator to accomadate. The thermostat on mod motor cars "floats" between engine and radiator. Gary welded thermostat housing on radiator. The overflow tank, fan, thermostat housing are all attached to the radiator so it all can be removed as an assembly. Hope all this works!
  20. 68RestoMod

    68RestoMod New Member

    Great work. Definitely getting me motivated to get back out in the garage and get to work.

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