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AR-15 for Christmas

Discussion in 'Politics, Guns, and a can of Whoop Ass!' started by FordDude, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. FordDude

    FordDude Well-Known Dude Staff Member Moderator

    I am going to buy myself a Colt AR for Christmas. Been saving up. I went to my local gun shop last week to see what they had and to check out the store. Ammo Bros. local chain, 4 stores here in SoCal. He pulled an AR off the shelf and let me check it out. Price was 1099, same as I have been seeing on the interweb. Well then he pulled an AR off the shelf with no furniture, $749. :) Now I have to research furniture. :rolleyes: But what I have been seeing so far looks like I might come in under budget. :cool:
    Just a pic I found on the internet, no front sight included. I like the look of the handle and front sight, just useless to me because I cannot see both clearly to aim. Poor vision. :mad:

    So I need optics. Gun store dude said to stay away from the cheap ones. So 500 bucks puts be back over budget. [.]

  2. Gigantopithecus

    Gigantopithecus Well-Known Member

    Love me some magpul furniture
  3. 70 StangMan

    70 StangMan Well-Known Member Donator

    Welcome to the club Tim...just be advised that they tend to multiply.
  4. blue65coupe

    blue65coupe Well-Known Member

  5. sgtjunior

    sgtjunior Well-Known Member

    I love the stuff Dale was building. I have a Rock River lower unit with an Eotech setup just waiting for an upper and barrel.
  6. 70 StangMan

    70 StangMan Well-Known Member Donator

    Should be some great sales coming up this month....but this time next year with the election coming, everything will be full blown retard again.
  7. FordDude

    FordDude Well-Known Dude Staff Member Moderator

    Not a terrorist. When we have a major event here in SoCal, hence the San Andreas fault, I plan to keep what is mine and share with whom I choose.
    Plus they are fun to shoot.
    With all of the restrictions here in California, they may ban the sale after another mass shooting. You never know what moonbeam will do...

  8. sgtjunior

    sgtjunior Well-Known Member

    anybody you recommend buying from? It would probably have to be on line sales.
  9. msell66

    msell66 Burning Fossil Fuels at c2 Donator

    No, I have to agree with Duane...you my friend are a right wing terrorist!
  10. 70 StangMan

    70 StangMan Well-Known Member Donator

    Palmetto State Armory is about the best as far as mid level AR's ( uppers,lowers, parts etc ) and will be running Free shipping in the coming weeks. Model 1 Sales has a great selection of uppers but shipping is high. Del-Ton isn't bad but slightly higher on prices.
  11. cmayna

    cmayna DILLIGARA? Donator

    Tim, Really? Will we soon be seeing GOTM here?

    Duane, Just to clarify, he's a SoCal Terrorist, some of the world's worst due to breathing all that smog.
  12. blue65coupe

    blue65coupe Well-Known Member

    Mark, remember what we talked about a while back regarding a "connection" and 80% lowers? Well, it's about to come to fruition. Not just the lowers but a machine matched upper all koted and machined to the liking....with a diamond polished bolt carrier. Getting a stamp also for a can...but that will be discussed via telephone. We may have to meet again buddy...
  13. FordDude

    FordDude Well-Known Dude Staff Member Moderator


    This is my new toy at the gun store.


    I like this hand guard.


    This buttstock. Do you see the look that I am going for. PK firearms. Anyone have issues with them?

  14. 70 StangMan

    70 StangMan Well-Known Member Donator

    Well you have A1 handguards, A2 buttstock and a A3 upper. Not sure what look your going for ?
  15. 3175375

    3175375 Well-Known Member

    Chemicals also can provide protection.

    When I was growing up, we learned that stop bath and baking soda created massive amounts of CO2. This combination in a Hospital irrigation bottle created an exciting surprise near the end of lunch when we were in middle school. The 'package' was dropped in a trash can during the beginning of lunch hour. Zip lock bags provided the time delay.

  16. 70 StangMan

    70 StangMan Well-Known Member Donator

    Well since this thread seems to need a jump start ( as well as a bunch of other ones ) What look are you going for Tim ?
  17. Midlife

    Midlife Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Tim's looking for wabbits!
  18. 70 StangMan

    70 StangMan Well-Known Member Donator

    So that's where he's been.

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