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FORSALE Custom 65-66 Mustang Rally Pac

Discussion in 'Classifieds (Mustang)' started by namloh, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. namloh

    namloh New Member

    This is a custom mustang Rally Pac that I designed. I designed it on my 3d printer and then worked with a guy to produce it via injection molding. I was tired of the 'dummy' light instrument gauge my mustang had. But I didn't want to buy a $400+ rally pac just to get a tach and a clock! With this you can install whatever gauges you'd like! I designed it for Autometer 2 1/16" gauges. Other company's gauges may require some adjustments to work.

    It is unfinished so you can paint it to whatever color you like. The 'RALLY PAC' nameplate can even be changed if you want (Mustang, Boss 302, F100, or maybe your car's name).

    You just drill the mounting holes for your own gauges. It mounts on a standard steering column for a 1965-1966 mustang (2 1/4" steering column) and will also fit '64 Falcons and '64 Fairlanes with the shifter on the floor and other Ford vehicles from that era (F100, Bronco, Comet, etc).

    $70 (Paypal accepted).

    Thanks for looking!

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  2. copasspupil

    copasspupil Member Donator

    Still have it?
  3. namloh

    namloh New Member

    Yes I have about 15 of them for sale.
  4. copasspupil

    copasspupil Member Donator

    Crap I totally forgot this send me your PayPal address

  5. r66pony

    r66pony New Member

    It's been quite a while since you posted these, have any left?
  6. namloh

    namloh New Member

    Yes I do.
    I'm leaving in the morning for a week long vacation so if you want to buy one I can ship it when I get back.
  7. 66WhitePony

    66WhitePony New Member

    I would like information on one of these if you still have stock available
  8. namloh

    namloh New Member

  9. 66WhitePony

    66WhitePony New Member

  10. namloh

    namloh New Member

    Yes I do. If you want to buy one just PM me and I'll give you my email for Paypal and get your address. If you want the nameplate to be something besides 'Rally Pac' just let me know.
  11. HuntingKy

    HuntingKy Member

    PM sent to your email
  12. c6fastback

    c6fastback Member

    Hmmm. , tempting .
  13. 1oldbuzzrd

    1oldbuzzrd New Member

    Nice work ...

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