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Derale Electric Fan and Hayden Controller

Discussion in 'Classifieds (General)' started by Rex66, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Rex66

    Rex66 New Member

    Cleaning out my garage little by little. I've got an electric fan and controller that I installed, used for a month or two, then removed:

    Derale High-Output Single RAD Fan and Shroud Kit - Model #16926
    Hayden Adjustable Thermostatic Fan Control - Part #3647

    Parts were purchased last year for our '66 coupe. The fan worked really well and kept the engine cool, but it's louder than a mechanical fan at idle. I didn't like the look of it - our car just doesn't have enough modern mods to look right with it, so I opted to remove it and install a mechanical fan and shroud. I paid $135 for the fan from Summit Racing, and $35 for the Hayden Fan Controller from PepBoys.

    I'm asking $85 o.b.o.

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