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Door glass replacement

Discussion in 'General Mustang Discussion' started by Horseplay, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    So I have a couple rock chip type blemishes on my original passenger side door glass. I wasn't going to do anything about it now but after everything I've done both inside and out at this point I just can't not fix it. No way to repair the glass (too deep) so it has to be replaced. I bought a new piece from NPD that everything I could find online told me was the best available and fit would be perfect. Hope that proves true.
    So the question for the day is, has anyone replaced the glass and do you have any tips or warnings? My only concern is not damaging/distorting the SS molding when freeing it from the glass.
    Oh, and while I'm at it I figure this is probably the time to wrap the interior side of the door if I am every going to do it so...same question(s). Tips? I will be using the same vinyl as used on the console. Really like the idea of a softer look/feel on the door.
  2. stangg

    stangg Active Member

    The stainless comes off easily. Unscrew it from the base channel and then use a block of wood along with a hammer to tap the molding away from the glass. Start at the ends and move towards the curve. After a few passes moving it a little at time, it will quickly loosen up and come apart quite easily. Something to be aware of is the glass setting tape for the bottom channel is thicker than the setting tap used for the stainless channel. When re-installing the glass, be sure to align the glass perfectly to the base. Make a jig or record measurements before taking things apart. To install the glass, first soak the glass setting tape in soapy water, Fold it into a V shape and just slightly set it into the channel, then set the glass into the V portion. Next is scary, but easy... Have a helper hold the glass vertically, while you use a rubber mallet to tap the pieces together. Start easy, but don't be afraid to progressively hit harder until the glass seats to the base. The soapy water helps immensely with this. Installing the stainless is the same process, just start from the corner and work towards the ends. Be sure to prefit the stainless to make sure your stainless mounting holes will line up.

    On mine, 5/64 setting tape worked perfectly for on the lower base and 1/16" setting tape for the stainless. I got the setting tape on ebay.

    BTW, I have one piece of window stainless left over if you need it... I didn't realize at the time that 65/6 stainless is shorter than 67/8 stainless.
  3. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    Are you replacing the glass only? Inside the original frame?
    I have not done it myself but a friend did and said he marked all kinds of points on the original before taking the frame apart in order to ensure he put the new glass in the same spot. He did all four windows of a coupe and said it was a lot more difficult than he anticipated
  4. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Stangg must have hit post just before I did. His reply seems much more helpful!
  5. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    Can't thank you enough. This is about the best reply I could have expected. Especially the info on the tape thickness. I bought it from NPD along with the glass. I will have to measure what they sent and possibly head over to E-Bay if necessary. I knew positioning the glass would be critical. I have to confirm but I think my DS is different than the PS as it is now. Might have to do both before I'm done.
  6. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    No worries. Every little insight is appreciated. I will take some pics of the project and when I have some time I will post a little tutorial of the effort back here for anyone interested.
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  7. I always spray the channel with release agent, this will soften up the setting tape making it very easy to remove. You will also need two different thicknesses for the setting tape. I keep saying I'll make a install video on this.

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