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Government healthcare

Discussion in 'Politics, Guns, and a can of Whoop Ass!' started by msell66, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Gigantopithecus

    Gigantopithecus Well-Known Member

    That would require them to have balls to begin with.
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  2. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    I have no idea of your vintage so I don't know if you have "adult" memory of the "good old days" but when I was a teenager my father worked for the Caterpillar Co and my mother, Bell (what was once the country's telephone company). Either or offered insurance programs that provided virtually 100% health coverage insurance plans. I am sure workers at the big three auto makers, companies like GE, certainly the government, etc were the same. Those were the days when people (men at least) all worked and went to church on Sunday. It functioned because there was not a unsustainable glut of persons not contributing snatching up everything in sight.

    Insurance companies don't stash the proceeds from customers premiums under some mattress waiting for a medical need. All that money is put to work making more. If the outlays for care surpass the monies made the system fails. Meet what has/is happening to the providers in the ACA debacle. That disaster opened the door for people who had been outside the circle of care to jump in and immediately demand treatment for all kinds of expense care...since it came free to them. The Democrats thought they could force the young and healthy to pony up to help cover the costs but they rightly chose to say screw that and paid the paltry fine instead. So without the big cash pool they projected (and had to know would not be there) it all fell down. Had Hillary won the next step in the plan, single payer government healthcare would be the solution. Can you just imagine?

    So here we are. A country overflowing with people with their hands out and the minority finally unable to foot the costs. The fix is easy on the macro level. Open it to coast to coast competition. Potentially, open border sourcing of certain medicines (patent issues to be considered) Abolish the free rides. Sensible, moderate government regulation to keep profiteering from inhibiting quality care (medicinal costs vs development outlay and profit margins).
  3. Gigantopithecus

    Gigantopithecus Well-Known Member

    Read up on hr 1313. Genetic testing.
  4. Mach1Rider

    Mach1Rider Member

    The remix is DOA. Ryan will have to try, try again.
  5. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    Lost in all the current "noise" from both sides today is the admission by ALL SIDES that Obamacare is in a death spiral as is. So while the horrible GOP bill never got off the ground all the warnings about millions losing care, etc. is still going to happen if nothing changes. DC is so fucked up. Nothing ever changes.
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  6. Midlife

    Midlife Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Just remember, that the majority of healthcare in the us is provided by employers. Medicare is for 65+ folks (sometime augmented by employer- or pension-based health plans, including veterans), Medicare for the poor and disabled of any age. Obamacare only covers something like 10% at most of folks, and that includes many on Medicare. Most folks are not on government provided health care.

    The fact that the Republicans couldn't repeal and replace Obamacare is that health insurance is a difficult subject that not everyone can agree upon a particular solution and is probably one of the most difficult policy issues this country can face. There are no easy solutions.
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  7. blue65coupe

    blue65coupe Well-Known Member

    Kudos to Trump to have some balls. We vote, if it doesn't pass it's on you f'ers who can't even agree to disagree. I'm glad he calls 'em out....maybe they'll get replaced. Looks like people are being forced to act rather than spew off at the mouth.
  8. FordDude

    FordDude Well-Known Dude Staff Member Moderator

    Can someone explain the part about the "rich" people benefiting more from the new health care plan. If they are that wealthy why would they need a guberment health plan. Couldn't they afford whatever plan they wanted?

  9. Gigantopithecus

    Gigantopithecus Well-Known Member

    The bill wasn't much different. It's a shit sandwich with different bread.
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  10. Midlife

    Midlife Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Various taxes are repealed that affect only the wealthy.
  11. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    Obviously I've not read what they failed to vote on but my understanding is they really didn't apply any of the logical fixes many talked about during the campaigns and after. Didn't open up the state borders to allow competition, etc. Kept the free ride for people up to 26 years old. Kept the existing condition stuff that is the root of much of the financial disaster the providers were suffering. Just shuffled the same shit around really. Instead of allowing congress the draft it up the administration needs to write up the skeleton itself and tell the lackeys to flesh it out from there. Otherwise you will get the same lobbyist driven BS every time.
  12. 3175375

    3175375 Active Member

    This entire health care thing is a flipping joke.

    Where is American inginuity to capture a World class plan?

    You must understand I am an engineer and this all smells like Moose piss
    msell66 likes this.
  13. Mach1Rider

    Mach1Rider Member

    Now this is what his plan is, they had their chance to make it right and failed.
    There will be a plan sent to them that would work for the people and lets see who says NO! this time around.
    Those who will not change their mind set and work for the people will be replaced next election time.
  14. Gigantopithecus

    Gigantopithecus Well-Known Member

    And how many years have the republicans had to formulate a bill? 6-7 years of constant bitching about the aca and how they're going to get rid of it?

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