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Heavy Heart.

Discussion in 'Non Mustang General Discussion' started by janschutz, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. janschutz

    janschutz Corn Hauler

    Julie's Mom passed away today. All her daughter's were there. It was 3 years to the day since her brother passed.
  2. msell66

    msell66 Burning Fossil Fuels at c2 Donator

    So sorry for your loss.

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  3. RapidRabbit

    RapidRabbit Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry. Give her our love and prayers.

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  4. FordDude

    FordDude Well-Known Dude Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry for your loss.

  5. 70 StangMan

    70 StangMan Well-Known Member Donator

    My condolences to you and your entire family John.
  6. Larry G

    Larry G Member

    John and Julie, So sorry for your loss, Julie’s Mom is in a better place now and not suffering.

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  7. rbohm

    rbohm Active Member

    its always tough losing a loved one, my condolences to you and yours on that.
  8. turq66

    turq66 Well-Known Member

    One of the toughest things in life is losing a parent. So sorry for your loss.
  9. Fst Blk

    Fst Blk Well-Known Member

    So sorry to hear. Condolences.
  10. jims6t6

    jims6t6 Well-Known Member

    So sorry for your loss.
  11. B67FSTB

    B67FSTB The NorCal dude from Belgium

    My condolences. Always tough losing a loved one.
  12. Grabber70Mach

    Grabber70Mach Well-Known Member

    John sorry to hear about the loss of Julie's Mom. I will keep her and the entire family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Never argue with a Moron. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.
  13. blu67

    blu67 Well-Known Member

    My condolences, John. So sorry to hear.
  14. JD08

    JD08 Member

    My condolences.
  15. 3175375

    3175375 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Condolences... 8^(
  16. KBMWRS

    KBMWRS What did the moron say today?

    As I always say...I hope you can celebrate her life...
  17. guruatbol

    guruatbol Always on vacation!

    Prayers to you guys. May God comfort you in your time of loss.

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  18. sgtjunior

    sgtjunior Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear, my prayers go out to you and Julie
  19. janschutz

    janschutz Corn Hauler

    Thanks to all.

    It has been tough. I can truly say that I loved my Mother in Law. Thankfully her daughters all get along and are helping each other with all the plans and closing out the estate.
  20. KBMWRS

    KBMWRS What did the moron say today?

    It will be a busy time. The reality will hit in a few weeks. Stay strong

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