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Hello from Colorado (for now)!

Discussion in 'NewB Introductions' started by Kelly_H, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Kelly_H

    Kelly_H Young Grasshopper

    Hello All!

    I actually know quite a few of you, I just forgot to post a "new person" thread or whatever... so here it is. I'm Kelly and I own the semi-Internet-infamous 1966 Fastback named "Calamity Jane". I currently live in Colorado though I do a pretty piss poor job of staying in the state, and I'll be hailing out of Austin as of this August.

    I just got back from Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott's Berry Farm in California, where I hung out for a few days and bothered the other Stangfixers :) So howdy again! I'll try to be around on the forums more these days - other forums are turning not quite so fun.
  2. kb3

    kb3 Well-Known Member

    I am glad you made it home safely. It was great meeting you at Knotts and my wife and son were riveted with your travel stories! Glad you are going to be part of this nuthouse.

  3. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    Great to see you here, Kelly. Read a bit about your recent cross country adventures over at VMF. Glad you came aboard here at the Fix!
  4. RapidRabbit

    RapidRabbit Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the fix.
  5. msell66

    msell66 Burning Fossil Fuels Donator

    Welcome to the dark side Kelly!
  6. David67

    David67 Active Member

    Glad you made it home safely!!!
  7. guruatbol

    guruatbol Always on vacation!

    Hi Kelly! We are glad to hear you got back home safe!

    My wife would love to assist on a dig some day. My nephew has been there done that.

    Some day Ed will look as good as Jane! She is a beauty!

    We enjoyed your company at Farrel's.


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  8. Midlife

    Midlife Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Shame on you for encouraging those west coast bozos...but welcome anyway from Panama City, FL!:)
  9. Kelly_H

    Kelly_H Young Grasshopper

    Hey Midlife, I'm actually from NC originally! I spend my time all over the US so I try to encourage all bozos equally ;) I will say that the West Coast guys know how to throw a good get-together though. And dang if they don't have some huge shows!
  10. Dkutz

    Dkutz Member

    Austin?? Moving already? You really are a Nomad!
  11. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    I love Colorado... lived in Fort Collins for a short time.
  12. guruatbol

    guruatbol Always on vacation!

    Everyone who lives in CO has the munchies!


    Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk 2
    tarafied1 likes this.
  13. Josep

    Josep Member

    Hi Kelly, welcome to the site, I just signed in and see many familiar names around.
    Will follow with interest your cross-country histories.!


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