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My stable

  1. funkaholik

    funkaholik New Member

    Nice 6. Don't see too many of them anymore, since so many people have yanked them out and replaced them with V8s over the years. Which is too bad, because they are dependable, economical engines. And with the smog equipment, too! Classic.
  2. Josep

    Josep Member

    Erik, thanks very much for your comments. Yes, I try to have it as stock as possible, and was so lucky to find the complete SMOG system for my SIX. I am very proud of it. Go Classic.!!
  3. janschutz

    janschutz Corn Hauler

    Nice stangs, I have always had a soft spot for Arcadian Blue stangs.
  4. Josep

    Josep Member

    Thank you John.
    Mine was repainted sometime in its life by a PO and the color is slightly clearer of it has to be, but it's fine for me.! Those mild colors are very classic for the 60s, I love them all..!!
  5. Josep

    Josep Member

    Driving it this past Oct-Nov while in Texas.

    454DFBB3-B985-48F9-852D-31B5EEFB4E20.jpeg 32ADF370-6DD6-4DDF-8DA7-FE9B19FC5FE8.jpeg B42009D8-63A6-4CFE-9A91-14D118352CC1.jpeg 8E30246A-3F4B-473F-9192-8455A1CCF313.jpeg
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