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"Phoenix" 65 Coupe to FB

Discussion in 'Member's Build Threads' started by JRANGER, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Fst Blk

    Fst Blk Well-Known Member

    I would consider this option even now, but I sold my original 16-1 steering box to a guy in need...
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  2. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    I do like not having any hoses or pump under the hood.

    JRANGER Active Member

    Did the shelby drop, installed the upper control arms, spindles, and put the steering stuff back in. Alsodrilled out the top for the coilovers 20170317_171506.jpg
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    JRANGER Active Member

    Ok i have a questions...What the hell is the diff between gm bearing grease and ford bearing grease? From the valvoline package only thing i can tell is the color...

    Installed my coilovers suspension.Still need my tie rods, need abigger sway bar as well

    Theb i installed my 12.5" 05 gt disc conversion on the drivers side...

    Naturally the only 5 lug wheels i have with tires are some 20s. So i put that on and even though they are off my 2014 mustang the offset was fine because the 20s go over the top ball joint lol

    20170327_175316.jpg 20170327_175345.jpg 20170327_173449.jpg 20170327_173532.jpg
  5. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    those giant wheels make your big brakes look small!
    Not sure of the GM vs. Ford grease but make sure not to use metric grease on a classic car. Also make sure you don't mix up the left hand grease with the right hand grease, who knows what would happen!
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  6. FalkenXC

    FalkenXC Resident Late Model Gearhead

    Speaking of metric and imperial grease! That is why we couldn't get my pilot bearing out the other day, the imperial grease wasn't matching the metric volume behind the bearing. Good thing that donut was metric!

    Those coil overs are amazing. This is exactly what I want to do to my 69, keep it up! And keep posting pics!

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    JRANGER Active Member

    I do need to add a few things..I cut the drivers side floor out, added a torque box, and got the new pan fitted 17553630_10158425749630521_2177894147580241368_n.jpg 17757273_10158425749835521_4915637238176820054_n.jpg 17634418_10158425749715521_3453372307223776222_n.jpg
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  8. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    Making nice progress.
    Can't wait to go for a ride!
  9. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    Also Lucas wasn't kidding about the donut. I was helping him try to get the pilot bearing out of the crank and was using wheel bearing grease. It just wasn't working since the grease was finding ways to escape. So he came up with the idea to stuff bread in there. We didn't have any so he used a donut. First time I've ever seen a donut used in building an engine!
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  10. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Oh man, those wheels! Haha that's great that they totally clear the UCAs.

    That reminds me, I also need to fix my floor and add a torque box. Keep it up!
  11. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    BTW, I don't think I had seen your EPAS before. How's that going?

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