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Discussion in 'Your Mustang Story' started by 3175375, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. 3175375

    3175375 Well-Known Member

    i had put together a 69 Cougar from 2 Cougars that my boss at the time. He ran a towing company at a Shell station I worked at. We did a lien sale n I took parts off the red one n put them on the John Deere green one I bought. Got the car to my parent's house n had a valve job done on it with bronze valve guides.
    Everything seemed to be falling in place. One day on my way home from work the left front shock tower broke. I ended up selling the 351W, FMX n US dish mags n the car went to the crusher.

    I spoke to my Dad n he said I have something for you. We went to visit one of my Dad's friends n he had a 65 Mustang that had been buried in bondo n paint. I bought it for 1500.00
    It had a 68 302 in it n a C-4. Power steering, and two unique options: factory manual disc brakes n a bench seat.

    I have since been through the car n ditched the power steering, added A/C, put in a toploader and have been to Willow Springs many times to irritate BMW owners as I was all over their tails in the corners.

    I want to give thanks to Johnpro, Shawn, Opentracker n Uncle Vinny n everyone who kept me grounded.
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