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Upcoming car shows San Jose July 22 and September 9

Discussion in 'Non Mustang General Discussion' started by JeffTepper, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. JeffTepper

    JeffTepper Well-Known Member

    San Jose Local shows/events on the horizon – heads up and mark your calendars

    For those within a reasonable distance from San Jose, there are a couple of annual events that should be on your “Must Go” list for this year.

    Sunday, July 22nd is the date for the 9th annual Saratoga Car Show in (drum Roll please) Saratoga. The show field occupies Big Basin Way, the main drag in the village of Saratoga, as well as several select off street parking lots that are closed to regular parking during the event. Spectating is free and shuttle buses run between the off site spectator parking lot and the show all day long. Registering your car for display includes two lunch vouchers redeemable at several restaurants along the show field. Lots to do and see, live music, amazing selection of cars on display and lots of car guys and gals to chat with. Select awards sponsored by local merchants add to fun factor. Hope to see some of you there. Here’s the link for more details: https://www.sccshow.com/

    Sunday, September 9th is the 11th annual Cruise for a Cause Classic Car Show in Willow Glen (San Jose). This is my neighborhood. Come visit with my neighbors and friends and enjoy some great cars and conversation with friendly people. This charitable event is put on by “the Goombahs” a local car club with a long history of raising funds for the Local Second Harvest Food Bank. Bring some canned food or drop some “green” in the donation bucket. This year, the Goombahs have persuaded Gene Winfield to attend as a special guest so there is a bit of “celebrity” custom car royalty present this year. As a “cruise”, this is a come and go as you please, no registration, no attitude event that occupies the main commercial strip along Lincoln avenue in downtown Willow Glen. Historically there is a raffle, car centric vendors, and music. Ground zero for this event is LaVilla Italian Deli on Lincoln. (GPS POI destination) with parking along Lincoln and the numerous business parking lots that are typically empty on Sunday’s. Historically several hundred cars show up and the neighbors come out to visit. Depending on interest, we can meet at my house, head over early, park the cars, and walk down the street to one of the breakfast restaurants along the Avenue. Here is a link: www.goombahscarclub.com
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    KBMWRS What did the moron say today?

    I might make the Goombahs show

    I’ll contact you when I get back

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