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Would be funny if not true

Discussion in 'Politics, Guns, and a can of Whoop Ass!' started by blue65coupe, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Mach1 Driver

    Mach1 Driver Active Member

    they also legalized marijuana
  2. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    I just can't believe how many people support such positions. I can't see how anyone of even average intellect can't see the lasting damage such policy has and will do to the fabric of society. Trump may be a complete idiot and tool but I can't help but think in the next three years this kind of crap will be dealt with via a firm hand. As the courts are purged of the liberal bias that has controlled it for years, and Trump continues to appoint conservatives to benches, we should see the Feds wielding financial reins to control idiotic moves like the one Brown and Co are making.

    Legalized pot is nothing but a desperate grab by state governments to try and solve financial problems. Sadly, they will misappropriate the cash windfalls from it like everything else (legalized gambling, for example) and end up right back where they started or likely even deeper in the red.
  3. msell66

    msell66 Burning Fossil Fuels at c2 Donator

    Finally, a reason to move TO Kalifornia.

    I'm going to get Stoned.
  4. gt289

    gt289 Member

    All this AND Proposition 47........ what a place!
  5. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    Don't forget Prop 57. My favorite part while reading the Prop discussions was finding out it is all driven by a court mandated prison population cap. The residents of Cali are being sold loads of BS while criminals (many violent) are being turned loose in their neighborhoods to keep the number of incarcerated under the number. Not too mention the reduction in penalty for criminal behavior creating ever increasing property crime rates while the rest of the nation sees the opposite trend. Theft of under a $950 is basically permitted in the state now since there is no actual penalty to discourage such behavior. Insane.
  6. Midlife

    Midlife Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Try getting a job with a felony conviction on your record.
  7. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    Crazy idea. Don't commit a felony. Problem solved.

    I don't have one on my record. Nor do any of the guys I know from my youth, or even after. No one I work with has a criminal record that I am aware of. I'm betting you don't have one either, Randy. And I'm willing to bet the cast of the Fix is not littered with felons either. That leads me to believe it possible to reach adulthood and conduct oneself by the expectations of society without having to break the law.
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  8. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    This BS about felony drug possession convictions ruining peoples lives is a crock. Drug peddlers knew before they got in the risks they were taking. Personal use amounts have never been felony offenses. I'm not now and will never be a passenger on the pity bus. People make their choices and they can deal with the repercussions.
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  9. kb3

    kb3 Well-Known Member

    I can't imagine how crazy the rest of the country thinks we are, because no matter what level you think we are, we are 12 levels of crazy deeper! Beginning this week I can't ask someone if they have a criminal past until after I offer to hire them, then I can try to come up with a defensible reason to rescind the offer. We can't ask about their previous wage history either, because it puts them in a "poor negotiation position". The state is making it nearly impossible to do business, not to mention the many laws they put in place to help the employees is only hurting them! UGH....I need to move!
  10. Mach1 Driver

    Mach1 Driver Active Member

    I can't tell you how refreshing it was to move to a Red state and actually have my vote count for something again. Its been a long time since Regan.
  11. gt289

    gt289 Member

    Not forgotten.
    Huge jail/holding facility is on the Southwest side of the Fontana (Nascar) track. I can hear everything that runs at that track, including SCCA on the infield course..... that's plenty close. Crime rates here have increased noticeably and I now have two dogs, 8 security cameras, a "ring" front doorbell, an alarm company and a slide shotgun. I've made 90% of these home enhancements in the last year.
  12. Mach1 Driver

    Mach1 Driver Active Member

    Its sad to see changes for the worse. My sis still lives close to your area in Riverside and also complains that it is getting worse all the time. I retired and moved out of SoCal, and except for the weather and family, I don't miss it a bit.
  13. guruatbol

    guruatbol Always on vacation!

    80% of those incarcerated return to society. We should help those who want help get gainful employment so they are not part of the 75% that return.

    That being said, I spent 17.5 years in a maximum security prison in CA. Lol


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  14. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    Not that I don't agree that everyone should have an opportunity to turn things around but it's not like things aren't in place to facilitate such. You (Mel) would know much more than I but don't inmates have access to education (GED and college), skills training and other means to prepare for when they gain freedom? And then aren't many placed in "halfway houses" or such and given help in searching for jobs, etc.? I realize it's not perfect but just how much more is society expected to do? Shouldn't family carry the load more than taxpayers? Besides, ultimately its up to the individual to make things happen because if they won't climb the mountain themselves odds are they won't stay on the path anyway.
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  15. gt289

    gt289 Member

    Oh, you said the "F" word.
    I'm far from a liberal, but I can't help but think that a lot of this has to do with the breakdown in family. And that fact that many folks shouldn't be having a family. Too bad we just can't stop it where it starts or address it where it starts, rather than at the other end, where it's a bit like changing the rotation of the earth.
  16. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    Liberals are the reason the family structure as we once knew it has been eroded. And I wholeheartedly agree about some folks not needing to reproduce but that line of talk always gets me in deep water
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  17. guruatbol

    guruatbol Always on vacation!

    Yes, the liberal mindset of it's ok to do what you want including transgender, homosexual relationships are ok and many other things in the progressive thought process, the decriminalization of many felonies, drugs porn etc has lead us to a dangerous place amount the traditional cultures of the world.

    The fact that these guys in prison are for the most part going to re-enter our communities. Yes they have to want to change or it is a waste of money and time. The problem is how do you know who is serious. If we parole them to the same ghetto with the same lack of opportunities they will be back. The paradox is, if we parole them to a different neighborhood then that neighborhood will surely degrade.

    So what is the solution? I haven't a clue.

    One thing is to place a first time offender in 24/7 lockup and make him earn lower control levels. This might instill the notion of earning what you get, not steal it. Prison must be a deterrent, not a country club.

    For example our prisons are among the easiest in the world. In other countries the family must provide meals and clothing.

    The bigger question is, how do we stop or curtail the cycle of poverty and entitlement?

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  18. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    You can't always fix what's broken. The chance of rehabilitating a career criminal is extremely low. Even junior convicts have to want something better and be willing to work toward it to get on a better path. Society's efforts and cash are much better spent preventing the next criminal from getting started.

    I know the steps I would take but then I would just be called a racist, cruel, etc. etc. etc.
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  19. gt289

    gt289 Member

    The guy next door (at our other house, 10 years back) was essentially on witness protection
    with the police. His background was as a "collection agent" for the Mexican mob. He was the
    nicest guy as long as you were paid up..... if not, this would not have been a pleasant person
    to deal with, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I digress.... One day Rudy and I were discussing
    things in general over a beer and he told me- "life on the outside is really tough. I don't know
    what's going to happen next. In a lot of ways I'd rather be locked up as it's easier on the inside."
    My guess is his comment was pointing to everything is provided in prison, sense of "community"
    and your place in that structured community is obvious, etc.

    To us in society it seems like a crazy statement unless you were stepped into his shoes.
    I see his wife occasionally, as my wife who works at the animal shelter has adopted her a couple of
    dogs over the years. Rudy, however, couldn't take the strain of life outside prison and he committed
    suicide a few months after our talk.

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