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1968 Fairlane


289 c4 running and driving project car. Recently replaced the battery, master cylinder and rear wheel cylinders. I have a marti report on it. Located in west unity, OH $5,500 call 419-388-3712


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My father leased a 68 LTD 2 door in 1968, and was one of the cars I learned to drive in. The body style is identical to yours from the side, but the grill work and interior was different. It had a 390 2V, a real dog of an engine...I imagine a 289 in a vehicle of that size would be similarly somewhat underpowered.

Your fairlane's body looks to be in excellent shape; how's the engine and underbody?


It's definitely not as powerful as my 390 69 coupe but it would make for a good cruiser. There is spot on the bottom rear of the fenders that are bubbling and a couple spots in the floors that need patched. But other than that it is a pretty solid car. It would make for a good project car.

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