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1968 Mustang steering column


Active Member
Got the steering column out of my 68 for sale. It's been taken apart and cleaned to bare metal as seen in the picture. Nothing wrong with it, I just planned on using an aftermarket column. Coffee cup not included.

Good upgrade for earlier years with the long steering shaft.

Asking $80 plus shipping. Feel free to make an offer tho.

20170404_155710 by Brett, on Flickr


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I really want this for my '67 to open up some steering box conversion options, but car purchases are on hold right now:( If you still have it in a month or two, I may come back for it.


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Do you plan on reassembling it? Did this not have the "rag-joint? I thought '68's had that feature that '67's didn't..


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The 68 column is collapsible where-as the 67 used a "long-shaft" straight off the box all the way to the steering wheel.

It all just slides together.