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FORSALE 2000 F250 7.3L PSD, 4WD, 8' bed


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
I've decided to sell my beloved F250. I must get a newer (bigger) truck to pull the race trailer (38' gooseneck). The 2000 pulled it OK, but it's really at the weight limits. It's never let me down (unlike the Mustang) and I'll hate to see it go. Since it's frick'n winter, I don't have any recent pics, but the pic below is still what it looks like. If anyone would be interested, I'll clean the winter off it, wax it up, get it serviced and then take some pics. Also attached is the document that details the truck and its history.

I'm going to list it at $19,000 locally, but I'd sell it here for less.

2000 F250 PSD 4x4.jpg


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