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2021 HVR race schedule


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
Posting for the heck of it. I know you losers will never stop by!

2021 HVR race schedule!

May 14 - 16 -
Heartland Motorsports Park
Kansas City Region SCCA
* June 16 - 20 -
Mid America Ford & Shelby Nationals
* July 15 - 18 Brian Redman at
Road America
August 7 - 8 -
World Wide Technology Raceway
(Gateway) w/
St. Louis Region SCCA
* Sept 10 -12 -
Eagles Canyon Raceway
* Sept 17 - 19 -
Road America
Oct 8 - 10 -
Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
* Denotes events that are not "official" HVR supported but may be attended by multiple HVR members

*HVR Facebook page

*HVR website


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
I'm only 5 or so hour drive from Gateway. Are you doing that one?

Not planning on it. Right now, the may race, mid America and CVAR at Hallett are on my list.
Patrick is coming to the may race at HMP to run with NASA to help get his vintage license. He lives in Bama.

I don’t know, let me be clear.