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84 SVO


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
After working on the car the last two months, I have worked through all the bugs and missing parts. I found a cargo cover on fleabay and practically stole it. It had been removed from another 84 SVO and forgotten. It’s in near new condition!
Worked through the engine bugs and I’d wager it’s as good as new on power. Clay bar’d the car then applied some ceramic coating to the paint and plastic restorer to all those bits. All new LED lights in the dash and rear lights. All that’s left is recover the leather seats.
I finally talked to the original owner and confirmed the actual mileage at 161,000. The motor has not been out of the car or rebuilt. He had some rust repaired and an exterior repaint in early 90’s. He daily drove it and hauled his family around till 2000. He then tried auto cross and did that for a few years. He lost interest due to family time and sold it in 2019.


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Looking good!

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Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
Took out the cone air filter and put the stock air box back in. Now it'll pull cooler air from the outside vs the hot under hood air. What's the point of having the intercooler if you're going to pull in hot air to start with??

It's slowly getting there. I'd love to clean the engine bay, but living down 1/2 mile of dusty gravel just makes it a waste of time.

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