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FORSALE A few items to sell


Well-Known Member
Here’s what I have:

1. Brand new Grab-a-trak 1” sway bar and Prothane polyurethane bushings and end links. It has a grey “hammered” finish. $100 plus shipping.
2. Brand new rear axle u-bolts. Package says for 67-70. $10. Free shipping.
3. Used repop 67 gas cap. Great shape. Non-GT. $10 plus shipping.
4. Two brand new 11” brake drums. Came off my Currie 9” rear axle. Will only fit late model, large bearing axle flanges. Never used. Heavy as hell. $400 plus shipping or local pick up.
5. Two front Grab-a-trak front shocks. Brand new. White bodies. $40 plus shipping.

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