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Air compressor recommendations


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I've got my blast cabinet set up at my fathers's house cause thats where I am working on the car. His 40+ year old air compressor bit the dust. I don't think it's worth rebuilding, I am looking to replace it for him. I have a portable but it's not big enough to supply the bast cabinet. Looking for 60 gal/5hp and buget is definately an issue for me. Thinking I'll stay away from the Kobalt/Husky house brands at Lowes and HD due to future parts/service. Tractor supply has Ingersol Rand and Campbell Hausfield. Leaning toward the CH... any advice on these 2, or any others to consider?


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I'm running a IR two stage 5HP 80 gallon from Tractor Supply. I've had it for around 7 years now. Its been a good compressor. I've had it running for hours on end while sandblasting my 69. Its used everyday in my repair shop. Keep the oil changed and drain the water from the tank.


I don't think you can go too big. Two stage with at least a 20+CF at 100psi rating. I would also recommend a 220v motor. I seen an IR at Tractor Supply that had an 8HP industrial motor and good output. Not too much differ in price from the 5hp but a large differ in the output.


As with most tools, get the best you can afford. Go big, 220v, 2 stage. Stay away from oil-less. Make sure you put a water separator before the blast cabinet.


I bought a Coleman 60 gal 6hp, 220V unit in 96. After all these years, it's still going strong without the first problem. I added a lever valve to drain the water and switched to synthetic oil after the first few months of heavy use. Used it sandblast the bottom and inside of the car and all the painting. Runs my plasma cutter without any problems. I have definitely got my money's worth out of it!


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"steveh326" said:
Thinking I'll stay away from the Kobalt/Husky house brands at Lowes and HD due to future parts/service.
I bought a new one from Lowes when I painted my car. 5 hp 60 gallon. 220 vac. Couldn't beat the deal I got (scratch-n-dent sale). That was a few years ago and have never had an issue. I use it for all kinds of tasks with my air tools, spray guns, nail guns etc. Granted I don't use it like one might in a shop but will you either? Like any tool if you take care of it, and used for the right purposes, I wouldn't knock it. The key is getting a unit with a large enough tank and adequate CFM output. Most bad reviews you read/hear about compressors are because the buyer didn't get a unit up to the task.