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Another Project - 71 Torino


Active Member
Installed the Radiator and new houses. Also got my newest design dash cluster in with the Dash Pad. Sadly looks like my sender is biting the bullet


Active Member
Started the day pulling the mufflers back off and welding the turn downs on solid. Then took her out to get groceries in a few different places on this beautiful day.

another 70 miles on her and tons of smiling




Active Member
I couple more things knocked off the list

*Installed a new Fuel Sender and it appears my gauge is working properly now
*Siphoned out 2 qts of gear oil and put some fresh gear oil in to be safe


The NorCal dude from Belgium
Any plans on painting it less than 3 different colors?
Thats the last thing in restoring a car.
I like the looks it has right now. Everything up to speed except the paint. A sleeper !

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