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Beware....Direct TV SCAM


Welcome truth back
So I get a call yesterday stating AT&T is offering me 50% reduction in my bill. I did not answer but listened to a voice mail about it. I called the number. They answered AT&T with all the pre-recorded options of 1 -5 about which department I wanted. I thought I was getting a recorded voice but they lady responded she wasn't. She then went on to tell about the offer. I was confused because I knew there was a catch. Their offer...50% off my current bill for 2 years, with addition of services of ALL the premium movie channels. I asked what was the catch. Well the special was being offered only if you paid up front for 8 months of the service. Mmmmm a cash grab for the company? He offered me a billing department phone number and a Offer account number. Then the scam was revealed. They stated since this offer was being sponsored by EBay the payment for the first 8 months lump sum would be required with a EBay debit card you can buy at most stores. Then call the special number with the account number, give them your EBay card numbers and There you have it.

You get nothing but have sent this lump sum of cash to these scammers. I Googled the number they offered for me to call and discovered someone responding with the exact scam dealing with this number.

Be careful out there.


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It amazes me how many people fall for these scans.

Anytime anyone asks you to pay with store bought gifts card it's a scam , yet people do it all the time. Walmart and target now train their cashier's to question large gift card purchases to help keep people from doing this.

We've when had employee's in our stores fall for scammers that claim to from our corporate office and take money from the store safe and buy gift cards to send out. Its unbelievable.

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I am not surprised they targeted Mike, they typically go after the feeble old folks. The scary part is that they must be successful with scams like this enough to make them keep trying. Nothing less than a common thief in my book, and nothing worse than thieves or liars!


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