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Chuckie out as the radars head coach


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Staff member
I do not have to worry about any emails I sent 10 years ago. Just some posts I made here at the Fix. :rolleyes:



Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
While I don’t give a rats ass about foolsball, it’s ridiculous to be fired over some silly word choices. This world has been overrun with pussies.



I Don't Care. Do you?
What has the world come to when I agree with {.}?

In the climate of the present, I doubt there is one among us who couldn't be "cancelled" for something we wrote or said over the course of the last ten years. Especially when the mob is allowed the leeway to twist things as they see necessary to meet their objective. That didn't occur with Chuckie (he burned his own ass) but we've seen it happen a lot lately.

America 2021 the Salem 1692 doppelganger