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Derale Electric Fan and Hayden Controller


Cleaning out my garage little by little. I've got an electric fan and controller that I installed, used for a month or two, then removed:

Derale High-Output Single RAD Fan and Shroud Kit - Model #16926
Hayden Adjustable Thermostatic Fan Control - Part #3647

Parts were purchased last year for our '66 coupe. The fan worked really well and kept the engine cool, but it's louder than a mechanical fan at idle. I didn't like the look of it - our car just doesn't have enough modern mods to look right with it, so I opted to remove it and install a mechanical fan and shroud. I paid $135 for the fan from Summit Racing, and $35 for the Hayden Fan Controller from PepBoys.

I'm asking $85 o.b.o.


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