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Fire and smoke damage


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Last night we had a fire at my rental house. It is 3 houses from me in my residential neighborhood. No one was hurt and all animals are out. But a fireman did have to go inside to find the cat. The fire was contained to the kitchen, but the smoke damage is extensive.
So this morning the contractors and public adjusters were lined up waiting to talk to us. 7am until noon. Saying 4 to 6 months to repair. All new drywall, electrical in the kitchen, ducting we just had replaced a year ago.
My daughter lived there and a lady renting a room. They are here now, but the renter is going to rent from my mother in law. My daughter, her dog and cat will be with us.
But I look at the positive, the inside of the house is going to be new. We have nationwide insurance and they covered the water leak and repair that we had a few years ago.
911 was called and they rolled up in minutes, helps that the station is 1/4 mile away. But before they got there I made the attempt to put out the fire. The stove was in flames and the food on top of the refrigerator. Took a step into the kitchen from the patio door, but the heat and smoke was too intense. Using a chemical extinguisher I was able to put the fire out, only to have it reignite. After the 3rd attempt the extinguisher was running out. Ran to find a wrench to turn off the gas, and turned it off. That is when the fire department rolled up. They took statements from us and determined it was accidental.


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Welcome truth back
Wow, sorry to read this. Really glad that it was contained.
Now the long wait. Be patient about the rebuild.