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Fuel Tank Suggestions for Turbo Drag Car Build. Sumped Tank, Aftermarket Tank, Cobra Tank, Fuel Cell, Modified hangar?

Haven't built a fox in something like 20+ years, but I'm mid process of building a "street legal" 90 LX drag car.
Plans are around 800hp for this turbo build.

Anyhow, my original plan was to run a sumped OEM tank and external pump. Welding the sump on isn't an issue, but I can't find any good info on sump potential issues/problems. I see small little comments here and there in my search, so I'm sure this has been discussed before.

Most of the comments on a OEM sumped tank were that there were issues at 1/2 tank and lower?

Spoke with a local racer running a similar sized 80mm turbo (I'm running an 88/102 T6), he's running a modified hanger, but said he can cruise fine on the street but anything below a 3/4 tank you can't do any pulls.

I stumbled upon Glenn's performance, and they sternly suggested an their 03/04 cobra tank with twin 450ti pump in tank. Price was a bit more than my budgeted plans, but I know it was pretty much turn key of a kit with lines/fittings/etc etc. Costs around $1800 plus shipping.

Then I discovered Behind Bars Race Cars fabricated sump tank. After buying a pump like the Holley 1600 and fittings, Id be close to $1500 (haven't tallied all of it)

Then i see some info here and there about Aeromotive's baffled sump, but they make a universal fit and from my understanding its fairly thick metal to mate to thin gauge oem tank.

My tuner said to just sump the OEM tank and let it eat.
Anyone have any pros and cons they'd like to share? What are you running, and what do you highly suggest against and why?

A fuel cell is NOT out of the question, but I didn't really want to create a firewall for the tank in the trunk as it's a hatchback. But I'm all ears.


I Don't Care. Do you?
One option would be to use a stock tank modified to have a race use sump area on top of the standard baffled area of an intank pump tank. Run a second pump just for race use to feed out of the race sump portion. This could also allow you to run race fuel in one part and regular in the main tank. Lots of ways to go. It really depends on how you will really use the car. if you're only going to actually race it twice a year I'd steer more toward making in more viable for the street.

If you have the skills, buy an in-tank pump tank from Tanks Inc (usually best value) and do your own modifications. This would let you run an in-tank pump for street use which is ideal. Pump is much quieter and reliable than something bolted to the frame, etc.
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