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Got my plasma cutter today


Yak, yak, yak
Sweet! I saw only one thing that bothered me in your vid. A new toy like a plasma cutter and you cut the plastic open with a razor knife...WTF?!! Ya gotta he-man RIP that sucker open....it's a new plaything man!! <insert Tim Allen grunting noises here>

Seriously though, as I'm sure you've already discovered, once you've cut with a plasma cutter you'll never want to cut metal with anything else!

:thum :thum


I have owned one for years and don't think I could do without one. They are the cat's meow for sheet metal work.


I wished I would have had this when I put the floor and inner rockers in. I went through more cut off wheels and blades for the air saw cutting out the inner rockers.This would have just cut through what was left of those like butter.