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Group Buy 15" Moto-Lita Steering Wheel


Today I called one of my Vendors, and we started talking about the Mustang Iam working on. One thing led to another, and he is able to get a very nice replica Moto-Lita Steering Wheel, the nine bolt version, and hub for a great deal, but I would need to buy 6. How about I put together a group buy?

He is going to get back to me with a firm price, but It's the same one as the AC cobra guys are running, or that some of the guys on ebay sell for around $279.

What do you guys think ?

UPDATE: 6/1/2011 - The hubs I could get, will not work, so you will have to get your own hub.

Facts about wheel:
- 15 inch in Diameter
- 9- bolt design
- Wood Rimed and Aluminum design
- Recessed screw trim ring and screws included

This wheel has been tested to fit the following Lecarra hubs and horn on my personal 1967 Mustang.
I found that Jegs.com had the best prices on those items.

- Dual Contact Lacarra Horn 3102
(Or any Lecarra horn that fits adapters below, but you need dual contacts)The horn button is 1.25 inches acrosss the Lecarra logo, so there are several mustang or cobra emeblems that should fit over the Lecarra logo.

Hub adaptors that have been tested on my wheel:
- 1967-76 Ford Mustang use the Lecarra BA-22400 Hub Adapters
- 1964-66 Ford Mustang use the Lecarra BA-22404 Hub Adapters

Go here if your interested in just a wheel:



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Photos would be nice......I could be in for 2.

I don't like the 14 inch shelby style wheel I put in the 65...and could stand a slightly larger wheel.
And then the 67 could use an upgrade


Just updated the first post with a crappy picture my friend e-mailed me. I poked around the internet, and Iam coming across this same picture, so It has to be the same replica wheel that everyone else is selling. -Mark


Funny, I was thinking the same thing.. Didn't some one here stain their wheel black? This is the only modle they offer. I'll have more info on Thursday.
"Kats66Pny" said:
I don't think wood would look good with my color/restomod scheme. :shrug Wait.. do they come in black?
Looks to be the same Moto Lita I have in my car. Bought from NPD (after Mustangs Unlimited left me hanging) for some god awful price.......



I received some pricing! And I was able to borrow one from another customer so I could see it for my self! I'll take some pictures this weekend.

Group pricing is $184.50 each:
15" 9 bolt wheel
9 bolt Hub with horn button, Ford or GM splines. (for the folks with aftermarket steering columns.)

Don't ask me how the hell he got to that pricing? But we would need to buy 6. Once I have all 6, I would then charge everyone for my actual price to ship these things out to everyone. Iam plan on buying one, so we need 5 more folks.



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Do we know if it is a Lecarra wheel, or what brand? Is it offset 1.5"? Isn't the hub different for 65-66 and '67-'68? Are both offered? Looking forward to seeing the pictures soon. Count me in, unless it turns out to be a piece of junk.


$184.50 :eek:mg That's a whole lot cheaper than my real Moto Lita!! Sweet deal.


I will try to get all answers for you. Once I have the wheel in hand.
This is not a Lecarra, but a "House Brand" or replica of the Moto-Lita. It has a 4.5 inch dish too it.

Iam not sure on the hub question, 65-66 - VS 67-68 - can any one answer this?