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Harley meet in Cap D'agde France


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Just back from two weeks on the Med with French friends, they took us to the annual Harley meet and I know you all like pictures.

Mike told me to post them so sorry there are no Stang's anywhere.IMG_20230902_120638.jpgIMG_20230902_180130.jpgIMG_20230902_180238.jpgIMG_20230902_180329.jpgIMG_20230902_180440.jpg
Part 2


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I tell people at car shows that my car is just like a Harley. All show, noise and no performance....just like a HD. I like to look at HDs but rather ride a better bike.

Here is Cody spotted a few HDs parked with a brand new one (paper plates) with all the lights and radio on. While walking around came by a tourists bar with a few folks outside drinking who by their pirate outfits knew they rode HDs. Asked if anyone rode a new HD? Blue? Yeah that drunk guy there. It was his. He zig-zagged walked back to the bike and after quite a few attempts actually turned it off. And walked back. Not 10 minutes later the bikes were gone. Drunk and on a Harley. What could go wrong?
Quite the collection of bikes there. I can certainly appreciate the style of a HD, but as Mike said there are better choices of rides out there. I have never understood the stop at the bar, have a drink, get on the bike, repeat idea. The last thing I want when I am on a bike is to be drunk!
I agree and will stick with my GSXR, and trikes look good but over here you are as stuck in traffic as a car so again I'll stick to the bike.