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Hey Pat! Still looking for a wagon project?


I Don't Care. Do you?
If so, how could you say no to this beauty?! 1955 Mercury Monterey. 80's mustang drive line. New floors. Converted to 12vdc. She's on Marketplace right now asking price just $7,800. South of Joliet IL.
According to the add the floors were already fixed/replaced. There were lots of pics and it looked straight and solid all around. I'm not a patina guy but I think this one should be left like it is. I like the look. I would see about buffing the chrome back though. It looks like it might come back pretty sweet. Needs an interior and side glass and you can drive and enjoy.

Break out your checkbook, Pat
If the interior is decent it would be a nice cruiser. The Mustang drive train is a perfect fit for a driver. I would see if the paint would perk up a bit as I am not a fan of the patina trend.
Oh I like that.

If I bring home another project I might end up divorced. Although I might be selling my jeep project this weekend......

I'll have to find the listing and check it out.
Pat - remember the old forgiveness vs permission adage! If she kicks you out, Mike always has a spare room.
Hell, I just snuck off yesterday and picked up yet another big tool chest. A matching 52" black Husky to go with the others I have now. If the wife figures it out I could be a dead man but a wall of majestic tool storage is worth the risk. When confronted I'll just use the old, "what, that old thing?" line and hope for the best.

We only live once, Pat. Besides, you have a great excuse. It would be awesome for epic family road trips and vacations.
Well I did find his listing and looked through it.

I'm concerned about that glass. That would be really hard to replace.

The interior is really bad, which I'd be looking at replacing with a custom interior.

Then updating all the suspension and brakes.

Pull the engine and get into while I'm at it syndrome and put in a coyote.

If it was closer to $5,000 I think I'd be in IL today but I'm not sure at $7,800.

Am I wrong in the price?

On the plus side I just sold my Cherokee project those morning so there's an empty space in the garage.

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A. Asking price is just that, an asking price.
B. I look ALL THE TIME at old rigs for sale and this is a rare find in that it is pretty complete. All the trim is there and decent no less. Priced about right too.
C. The front and back glass are there and good (no cracks, etc.) The rest is all flat pieces. Cheap to get cut. You'd have to check to see about the seals, etc. Likely can use a generic length and cut to size if they need replaced.
D. Brakes are cheap in the grand scheme. Do a front disc retrofit for under $500. Just rebuild the rear drums.
E. Take steps. It's basically a drivable car now. Make it a little better, a little safer and then one thing at a time.