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Mustang for 2015....


Active Member
I personally like the current body style they've had since '05.

Wish I could buy one but too many things I have going on require the Explorer for now.

I just hope they don't make something stupid looking like they did in the late 70's.


Really interested in what the new GT500 will be like.
An easy swap to a bigger blower and better exhaust yield an easy 200 hp now.


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Yeah.....spy pics...
Because that blacked out grill emblem is so inconspicuous.....what could it possibly be?....

70 StangMan

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The latest guesstimate on the 2015.


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Not much different then the last two bodies...and I don't see the European influence in the style but maybe I missed something.....


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Don't think I like it. It looks too stumpy in the back. The headlights look like the 99-04.
Side profile is the worst.

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"Gigantopithecus" said:
After seeing that, it looks a lot like a Nissan Z car from the side.
Not feeling it. KInda like the dash though.

That's kind of what I was thinking. Im sure the fold in the magazine has a bit to do with it.

Copied this from the svt forum.


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