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Mustang Memories- please post your own

Mach1 Driver

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My doctor and I are avid readers, and email each other about good books we’ve read. Well, in today’s conversation I related how I was restoring my old Mustang. He’s a doctor, not a car crazed Mustang addict, so please excuse him for not knowing they came out in 1964.5. Here’s his memory:

I have to tell you a very interesting story about Mustangs. It came out in 1963 or 64 if I recall, anyway, I was 3 or 4 and my Mom and and Dad and I were sitting watching the bunny eared black and white TV, and the first commercial came on for the NEW FORD MUSTANG. Well, and I remember this clear as day, after the commercial was done, my Dad got up and went into the kitchen, which was out of our line of sight. We hear the dial phone...shhhh click click click shhhh click click click, hear my Dad talking for about five minutes, then he comes back into the living room and sits back down. My Mom asks "What did you just do, Bob?" to which my Dad replied, "I just called Detroit and ordered that car on TV." No kidding. My Mom just said "Oh, OK". She was used to my Dad doing crazy stuff with cars, he loved them and owned about 20 different ones over his life. So, it got delivered, a white hard top three on the floor, and we had the first Mustang in lower NY state. I still remember that thing, we took a trip down to Florida in it, the three kids crammed in the back sitting on suitcases...what a blast. So I have very fond memories of the old Mustangs. It was a beast.


No good deed goes unpunished
My earliest Mustang memory (born in '63) was standing on the transmission hump hanging onto both bucket seats while dad was driving his '65 coupe - red/black interior - , mom in the passenger seat holding onto my baby sister (born in '65) and my two older sisters sitting in the backseat. This would have been sometime in 1966. He then sold it for some new furniture for mom and bought a '67 Skylark for his growing family.



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The memory which will stay with me the most, was thinking I had bought a good strong example of a Mustang that didn't need any work done on it...........


The NorCal dude from Belgium
My earliest Mustang memory (born in '63) was standing on the transmission hump hanging onto both bucket seats while dad was driving his '65 coupe - red/black interior - , mom in the passenger seat holding onto my baby sister (born in '65) and my two older sisters sitting in the backseat. This would have been sometime in 1966. He then sold it for some new furniture for mom and bought a '67 Skylark for his growing family.

Well here in Belgium, and certainly in the region where I lived , no mustang on the road or even a commercial was seen on TV.
But you said , John , " standing on the transmission hump hanging onto both bucket seats while dad was driving" brings back memories.
I too did that in the 60's but my dad bought a second hand DKW or Auto Union 1000S two stroke engine !!! Alot of blue smoke and a typecal engine sound !!! You see the four rings ? Yes it was a predecessor model of Audi !


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Always on vacation!
My earliest memory as a kid, I was born in 62 My then Step Dad had a 69 Mach1. It was white with blue striped and blue interior. Was an automatic car. He traded a 65 Fastback, silver car in for it. He bought a new car every few years. The family wagon was a 56 ranch wagon.

Next in Jr. High my Mom's then boyfriend had a Boss 9 with a 4spd and she took me to school in it to South Pasadena Jr. High. It was Red and black.

Neighbors had them, they were everywhere. I loved all muscle cars as a kid.


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My earliest memory of the Mustang was April 17, 1964 in Richmond KY. I was in college at Eastern KY State College. One of my classmates was well off and wanted to visit the dealership on the 17th and asked if I wanted to go with him. Having nothing more interesting to do I went with him. Seeing the car for the first time I thought that it was red and very ugly and would never buy one. Between then and July 1966 my mind was changed primarily because of the price. It was basically the only new car that I could afford at the time.. Since then I have become to rally like them.


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We'll I was born in the era of the mustang II. So no memories of the early cars when new.

I did however decide at relatively early age that the 69/70 was my favorite and would someday be the one I wanted.

My dad worked for old cars weekly publication so we did a lot of car shows and had always planned to build a classic before I turned 16. Which never happened. Life got in the way, and a one car garage.

In 1991, when I was 17, my uncle told us about a guy with a mustang in a barn. So of course we went to look at it. I wanted to buy it and restore it with my dad. He wasn't on board. Thought it was not the right car.

It was a red 69 convertible, 351, and factory AC. Body was solid, interior and top were toast. No idea if it ran but was told it should. It has been parked for 10 or 15 years. If I recall he wanted $3,000 for it.

I was bummed we didn't get it, but decided that was what I wanted. Spent the next 13 years in search of another.

In 93 I picked up my first mustang a 1990 5.0 convertible and drove that for about 4 years in the summers only. Stored in the winters.

In 1998 I bought another 5.0 convertible. A 1992 this time, but Kept looking for my classic.

Found my 70 in 2004 half a mile from where we lived and have had it since.

That's my mustang story.

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I Don't Care. Do you?
Growing up my dad was not a real car guy. He loved 'em, just never learned to work on them. Sold his '63 Impala SS prior to my older brother's birth. Started a long trend of station wagons. :oops: Fortunately for me, his brother (my uncle) was a gearhead. GM variety. His pride and joy being a 71 split bumper Camaro. Hugger orange, no stripes built small block., four speed. He'd take us for rides in that thing that he had no business doing. Loved it.

Fast forward a few years and its time for my first car. This is early '80's so muscle cars are abundant and cheap. I find a jacked up '72 Camaro with fat ass back tires and side pipes. 350 with a 4 speed. I'm in love! Price is right but I need parent's permission to buy it. Mom isn't on board. My dad tells me he will get her to come around. His plan? Take her with him to go check it out. Show her its a reliable car, etc. How's that go? Dear old dad ends up doing donuts in a parking lot with it. Mom was not impressed. There would be no Camaro for me.

Enter my other Uncle (husband of mom's sister) who offers to help find me a car. He's a good dude but not at all a car geek. A week later he has my mom sold on a car. My options few, I agree to go look at it. 1965 Mustang coupe. Dark blue automatic. 200 6 cylinder. No V8. No stick. peg leg. Secretary ride. Mom's in. I'm not really given a choice. My first mustang. Made me (to this day) the only FORD guy in the family. Less than six months later I'd pull the engine and build my first 302. That car and me went through a lot over the years. Had it until my daughter turned 3 when necessity made me sell it.


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Sounds like your mom saved you from the camaro life. I'd thank her for that.

My first car was an 84 Camaro. Glad I switched over to the pony life.

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I have two memories that stand out with my car (since the car I have has been in the family since new).

1. I learned to drive in my 67 hardtop. Power steering but not brakes. 4 wheel drum. Driving on California freeway for the first time with my dad and traffic coming to a stop up ahead. Me pressing the pedal but apparently not enough as I hear my dad, "Brake, Brake, BRAKE, BRAKE!!!" I stopped in time. (After virtually standing on the pedal) But I learned I needed more leg strength on that old girl.

2. My dad was driving and I was in the passenger seat. Car had lap belts but we didn't wear them all the time....Not sure what happened but he had to stop suddenly and whoop!...next thing I know, I'm in the passenger footwell under the dash. I guess we started wearing the belts all the time at this point...

Wonder why the car has 4 wheel discs and 3 point belts now......LOL

Laurie S.

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My earliest memory precedes the introduction of the Mustang. My father worked in Ford management and regularly had early info on car development. He took me to an outside skating rink in January 1962 and while there a beautiful white Falcon pulled up. I skated over to my father and commented on the car. He then told me that Ford was building a brand new car on the platform of the Falcon and described it in detail. I knew then and there that one day I would own that car. I was nine years old at the time.