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My latest demo project


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Checked out the aluminum decking on another hot in dry dock today. In 95F direct sunlight it was warm, but I could put my hand flat on the surface for 30+ seconds before it got a bit hot to the touch.

Yep, forgot pics but talk about a straight, neat and clean install.


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2

Half brisket just put on the grill



Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
I finished up phase two yesterday. The new deck is done. Added the storage box and ran a new 110v outlet to power the smoker. I removed a section of ceiling in the basement so I could run the wire into the main panel and found a lack of insulation around the dryer vent exit and the downstairs bath vent was just blowing into the ceiling space. Got that all fixed, sealed and re-insulated as well.


Phase three is to repaint, rescreen, add a screen door onto the new patio and remove existing door and steps. That might be a spring job.

And since I haven’t added the lattice around the old porch yet, this will get buried under the porch


I’m considering a phase four…adding a pergola over the new patio. Maybe, maybe not.


I Don't Care. Do you?
Good find on that bath vent. That's a disaster waiting to happen. Surprised you didn't find a serious mold issue.


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My house in FL had the dryer vent going to the soffits at the bottom edge of the roof; apparently this is a fairly standard way of doing things.

As far as your project, it doesn't look like a demolition project at all to me.