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Need dust shield/inspection plate


The NorCal dude from Belgium
I bought a 4r70w trans and matching blockplate .
But I missing the dust shield or inspection plate.
Anyone ?

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It looks like the one you ordered is for AOD transmissions, everything I see online matches the one Aussie67 found. I have also found references that state the C4 cover fits the 4R70W as well. I have one at home for my 4R70W so I can confirm later today.


I Don't Care. Do you?
I thought they were the same. Be sure to post up here to clear it up. May have need myself one day and might as well get it right the first time!


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The 4R70W and C4 block plates are identical, and hence the dust shields are as well. Below is a picture of the one I recently removed from my 4R70W as I start to rebuild it. Everything online shows the AOD one to be a different animal, I would have thought they were the same but it appears that is not the case.

inspection plate.png