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New car to us, test light from negative battery post to anywhere on body lights up?


Just picked up a 1969 mercury Cougar - PO has replaced most wiring with aftermarket. My son reports that he took out for a maiden 3 mile voyage and the car would not even attempt to crank when he returned and attempted to restart. Aftermarket voltage gauge allegedly showing 13+ when running. He took a test light to it and found that the light lights up when he goes from negative post to anywhere on the body. Reverse polarity?
I’m going o help him look at it tomorrow. Any suggestions for where to look first? Could the solenoid or alt connections just be on incorrectly?


The NorCal dude from Belgium
bad ground from body to engine to neg pole battery. You have to check those connections.
Just ground the engine to the neg pole of the battery with a starter cable and try again.