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New shop bench vise


Actually it is a pretty well aged monster vise that my Ferrari neighbor gave me since I've been drooling over it for quite some time. It's a Cardinal Model 140 that has the quick acting jaw slide feature which was the main reason why I nabbed it. Got very tired of turning the ole vise handle to open and close the jaws.

Very heavy, very awesome.

Note the below grounding clip so I can weld in the vise with ease without having to deal with the grounding strap being in the way.

Tapayakin' from my iphone


Corn Hauler
Looks great! I have mounted my vice to a Oak 2X10 so I can clamp it down to any work bench and any pace I want it. I think I will add a grounding tab like you have on one of the bolts.


Credit of the grounding tab goes to Opentracker who gave me the idea. In reality, I probably don't need that tab for I could always clamp the grounding cable directly to the piece of table top sheet metal which would send the signal up through the vise as well. But what the heck.


Nice vise! You know you can never have one too big. :thum