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Next Project


Corn Hauler
Look what followed me home yesterday.

Julie wanted an old truck to replace her wrecked Honda. This is a 59 Ford F100. The body and interior is in great shape but the drive train is a chevy POS. It runs like crud and drips oil and drips gas everywhere (Like a DODGE) Even came with extra chevy parts :(.

First project is to replace the fuel tank. I thinking saddle tanks would be great instead the the tank behind the driver's seat.

Also need to find a good F100 forum.


I Don't Care. Do you?
Nice! Not a real common year. I like it. Looks very clean. So...just how big an engine you thinking?


Well-Known Member
With all that space under the hood......a real sleeper is possible. I had two '60s several years ago that were sold mid project because of an offer I could not refuse.

Upgrade the brakes and steering if they have not been done by now. You can hang a tank where the spare tire mounts if that area is not used.


I Don't Care. Do you?
With all that space under the hood......a real sleeper is possible.
I'm was thinking modern drive train. Pull the guts out of a 4.6 mustang. Plenty cheap these days to find. You could get crazy and put a twin-screw on top and nobody would be the wiser. The Wifey could still get upper 20's driving around town too!


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Very cool! Except for the Chevy drivetrain . why do people do that.

4.6 engine would be cool. There are lots out there for sure.

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That is a cool truck. My next project will be a truck. Kind of a old shop truck look is what I want.

I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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Great looking truck. My parents had a yellow 59 when I was a young kid. I love the style.

You might want to read up on putting a crown vic suspension and engine in the front end. It is becoming pretty common place and really helps with ride, height, steering etc. Also try www.ford-trucks.com for a truck forum.


I'd sell it if I was you. I'll even help out by buying it.

Looks nice. Very cool body style.

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The engine is in backwards!...who puts the distributor on the backside....silly Chevy guys!

I have been following several crown vic swaps and I am definitely going to go that way with me 71 shortbed F100! Just have to figure if i can use the crown vic front end with my Mercury FE motor that resides in it currently.


Corn Hauler
The Chevy drive train is toast so a new Ford drive train is now needed to be ordered, I prefer a 351W and a C6 but I will see what kind of deals I can get locally.

Time to get the Crown Vic front end ready. Out with the old and in with the new.



Corn Hauler
Test fitting different types of wheels on the Crown Vic front end. The stock wheels will not work, The stock are 5.5 by 5 where the new are 4.5 by 5. The power steering rack have computer sensors, need to see if I can use a pre-2000 rack instead.

Found a local 90-era 302 that has a recent rebuild - has paper work, it has not been installed since the rebuild.


Active Member
Very nice....ford-trucks.com has many years. I have a 66 F100 i just started on so ive been using that site and slick60s.com