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Now that John (opentracker) is here, I got a question

John, What are the chances that ORP will have a "kit" to do the add a leaf/lowering mod? I figure you probably have the pieces laying around and its probably easier for some of us to get the parts from one place rather than try and piece a "kit" together.

Also, in the post, they added two leafs and dropped the car 4", would that equate to one leaf dropping the car 2"?


There is little chance of anyone making up a kit that will lower the rear a given amount. It is a trial and error method. The #1 leaf looks to be the same on most of the early Fords. From there down is where you get into the specialty springs like for cars with and without AC or the HD suspension. I do have a few sets of springs here but there is no way I could send you a leaf and say "this will lower your car 1 1/2" " . The idea was to get it done for free. Find a used set of springs, fire up the BB-Q and have some friends over to do the work for you. :naug
John (OpenTracker), another question, for your site, please explain why the UCA drop changed from 1.75" to 1.50"? TIA
Through ours and other people's testing we found that the 1 3/4" drop was too much. It upped the jacking forces on the shock tower and messed up the roll center. I wondered why Global West has a 1 3/8" drop vs the Pro Motorsprots 1 3/4" drop. For us, the 1 3/8" wasn't enouph and the 1 3/4" too much, so we tried the 1 1/2" drop. It works well, we have been using it for the past 3-4 years with no issues.


We put a full ORP roller front end with the 1.5" drop under this Mav. and he won the first race he was in (last weekend). He said he was still sorting the car out and it had more in it. Looks like fun !
john, when setting up your control arms to allow for the 1 1/2" drop, how much do you modify the ball joint mount angle?
8 year old threads don't get much attention. John hasn't been around for a while. Better to just give him a call. When you do talk to him tell him to pop back in once and a while!
thats ok, i actually found what i needed in another thread. john hasnt been around in a few forums lately though.