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StangFix is going to try and experiment, one that has not been tried on any other public forum. We'd like your input on Mustang parts and service vendors.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide general feedback and recommendations to the general Vintage Mustang community regarding various retail vendors. This forum is not to provide a place for anyone to rant at a vendor, to try and resolve a vendor-related issue or dispute, etc. If you have a problem with a particular vendor, contact that vendor directly to obtain satisfaction. Of particular importance is that the quality of parts is not a function of the vendor, because most of the parts are not manufactured by the vendor but are simply re-sold from the manufacturer.

Please keep your comments relevant to the vendor listed in the title of the thread. If you are starting a thread on a vendor not previously mentioned, please simply title the thread by the name of the vendor (e.g. Midlife Vintage Parts). Please do not compare one vendor to others within your post. The point is to keep all comments and recommendations relevant to a particular vendor to be found in that Vendor's thread.

Restrict your comments to: Would you recommend this vendor, and why? You are free to discuss in general terms items such as customer service, price, quality, shipping, catalogs, return policies, hours of operation, etc. You can rate the vendor on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

NOTE: this forum may be heavily modified so that these policies will be enforced. Any major modifications or deletions will be explained in private messages to the original poster. Please do not use foul language. Violations of any of these rules will may result not only in modification or deletion of your post, but a warning as well depending upon the severity. Multiple cases of abuse may result in banishment from StangFix.

The opinions expressed in this forum do not represent those who own and operate www.stangfix.com.
Not open for further replies.