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Remodel and its over...


Welcome truth back


Carpet in family room upstairs, 4 bedrooms and stairs
Base board & paint in upstairs hall and upstairs family room
remove dated accent cues (mirror)
All doors & frames , new
Lighting in upstairs hall
access panel in ceiling to crawl space
Faux beams to cover painted beams (removal of old ones would have required more $$$)
Paint and base board downstairs
Lighting in foyer/dining room/kitchen
Tile in foyer
Wood flooring downstairs
Cabinets & gas fireplace / mantel
Quartz kitchen counter
Paint cabinets
Microwave / sink / faucet / disposal
Powder room sink / faucet / toilet / paint cabinets
New hardware / outlet covers
All windows cleaned

Now the fun begins of getting new furniture for downstairs and unpacking the rest of the house.


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
That looks sooo much better Mike!! Just the color change makes it look huge. Enjoy the new look.



The NorCal dude from Belgium
Very nice ! A more modern look. Love it .

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Well-Known Member
Looks great Mike. Even Gayle gave it the thumbs up!! When is the house warming BBQ?


Welcome truth back
By Tuesday it will be full of boxes. And the wait begins for furniture.

It was definitely a 'while I'm at it' job. Initially wanted to update that fireplace. And from there it snowballed. We figured many folks do a quick remodel just before they sell a house. They never get to enjoy the remodel. So we did it now so we can enjoy it.
We definitely needed something since it looked so dated and over lived in...meaning we had crap everywhere. Doing some editing on that front.


Well-Known Member
Looks great, Mike! Love the updates. My parents did the same thing. Remodel now and enjoy in retirement.