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Snap tool NEEDED for resto


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Im restoring my wind wing assemblies on my '65 and I just discovered I need a special tool. Does anyone have this tool they would loan or rent for a couple of weeks? I say weeks because I don't know how long the plating shop will have the main frames. Thanks for your reply.



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"cmayna" said:
What on earth is that tool needed for?
I believe it is for the blind rivets used to attach the weatherstrip channel... On my chebby they use a blind rivet for the wing window pivot. I got a couple different sizes of these...

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rivet-Set-AN450 ... 416906b323

So long as you have a way to support the back / flat side of the rivet, you can use a hammer to tap this tool and compress the flared side. It fits in an air chisel, but I thought it might be a little too aggressive and just hammered it by hand with a small ball peen hammer.

As noted by 6T6Red, you can use regular rivets so long as you have a narrow headed rivet gun...


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I used the stock style rivets, a hammer and a punch. Not perfect, but functional...plus they are hidden anyway.

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Ah,,,,now I remember. Yup just used hammer and pointed punch to set the rivets. Supported the channel using a 1/4" thick chunk of flat steel. Did this for both Red and Shag.