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SOT Guy sighting!



Had a great time at the last show of 2009. The Columbus, OH swap meet.
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Nice set up, wish I could end up in some of these cities while I'm there for work, that would give me something to do. Been 6+mos. since I was sent to Columbus.
How was the turnout? Those are the ones I like to dig through stuff at and actuall see/hold the product before buying, like your stuff. Might I suggest a supermodel to add some traffic? :wm?

It's good to see vendors show up at stuff across the country when they can. Will you be at the Nationals in Asheville, NC in Sept. 2010? or is that too far a drive?


I really enjoy getting out to the shows, seeing what is about but most of all talking to people. Our stuff allways draws a crowd. I need a sign that says, 'look AND touch', unlike the car show sign of 'Look but don't touch'. I want people to play with the parts. We all work really hard on our products and take great pride in them. It shows too.

I didn't sit down all Saturday which is pretty typical of our first days at a swap meet. It took me about an hour to get through my sandwich at lunch bite, talk, bite, talk. I was whooped Saturday night!

For 2010 we'll be at Columbus Spring/Fall again, All Ford Nationals in Carlise, PA and SAAC 35 in CA. Can't wait!


damn, those rotors and calipers are HUGE compared to your head. :lol

looks like you're doing well for yourself... time for a bikini model!