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Tight timing set gears

I am using a Cloyes 9-3635X9 timing set in my 351W rebuild that is using the reconditioned factory crank. I am running into an issue where the gear that goes on the crank won’t go on all the way. I can get the gear slid on until it is about .25” past the end of the crank snout but that is as far as I can get. Tapping it on with a hammer doesn’t sound like a good idea and I was wondering if any one has any tricks. The factory set slid off without issue. I don’t think it is the keyway because when I get the gear slid on as far as I can by hand, I can turn the gear ever so slightly and feel it move up to the keyway in both directions. I can try heating up the gear to get it to go on, but I am concerned that if I need to make any adjustment when I degree my cam, I won’t be able to get it back off. Any ideas?
Have you tried using crocus paper to clean up the inside of the hole where it slides onto the crank?
NEVER beat anything onto any shaft. Period. This application is also not one where you should heat a component for installation. You risk damaging the crank when/if you need to remove it. The timing sprockets are not designed to be interference fit whatsoever. If the crank snout is clean and you don't see any burrs or other imperfection in the bore of the timing gear I suggest returning it and getting a new one. QC on stuff these days is not good and it would not surprise me at all if the bore on the timing sprocket is not correct.
I didn’t get very far trying to get the keyway out of the crankshaft. I didn’t want to risk damaging anything so I stopped. I did go through the gear to remove any burrs I saw and I am now able to get the gear fully seated on the crank. It is still pretty tight, but I can get the timing set on by hand.

The next issue I have is with the cam itself. It came with two holes for the dowel pin that are 180 degrees apart. Does it matter which I use?
It has to be tight. So thats good.
IIRC first thing to do is to set piston top center. And then degree the cam.

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And that will determine which slot has to be taken.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A605FN met Tapatalk