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Valve Gapper for FE engines


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Posting this here as I can find no way to send these to a member via private conversation!



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More pics. Sorry, no action shots! :)


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Nice for trading,but it is best used on an engine on a stand.They do work well IF you FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS. I gave my NOS one to a friend who helped me install my crate engine.
This one is unlike others I could find in that the body is specific to 396-427 (Chev) with the foot adapter for FE engines. I'm presuming that this is due to the larger diameter of these valve springs on the HP engines..... Others that I found seem to be slightly smaller versions.....

I can see where on OHV 6 cyl engines of the past, with the cylinders straight up and down (there would be less potential for an oily mess) that these would indeed be faster than running a set of valves with feeler gauges. No need to fuss with turning the crank, counting cylinders I & E at cam low points.....(unless you have a good cheat sheet or good memory from doing this sort of job for hours on end...) Truly a no think tool! You would need to turn the idle down perhaps, but the quick nature of how this tool operates would make it easy to snap it on a valve top pull the play out of the rocker arm, dial the gauge to zero, then let it tell you where you're at! Adjust as needed....move on!