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What cam to use?


New Member
Hey guys, looking for recommendation on what cam to use for a non efi/ non roller cam 302W. Going to give my tired engine a refresh. I'm looking for a cam which will give me a little more push but without the need for a stall convertor upgrade. The engine will be kept pretty much stock. Currently runs dual plane Edelbrock performer manifold, 600 Holley with extractors, backed by a c4. Not sure what the diff gearing is, but as its going to be kept relatively stock, I'm not fussed.

Looking to keep the overall output to 230/ 250HP. I already have a 450HP car so want to keep this a cruiser.

Thoughts? Looking for cam manufacturer and part number if available. Hoping to learn from your experience rather than opinion.



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A bit more input would be good to make an educated recommendation.

Rear end gearing?


The NorCal dude from Belgium
Whatever cam specs you want , just take one for the 351W as the firing order is different and should be better for the crankshaft.As I have read in the past.
Should be that the number 1 connecting rod journal ( piston 1 and 5 ) sees less load with the 351W firing order.


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Ask that question on the VMF and you’ll get:

All hail the mighty Ford B cam.

No help here other than call a cam maker. I prefer giving Dema Elgin my info and let him tell me what cam to use to get the most out of the package. He’s made more cams than anyone on these forums.