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Wiper Motor Repair and Restore - ClassicWipers.com

My 1973 mustang coupe wiper motor is rough looking and not running well. I have looked to the aftermarket version and do not like having to crimp connector back on. After some research, I found Classic Wiper Motor and Repair. I called and spoke to Sam, the owner, about his repair business. They are located in South Carolina. I will be sending in my wiper motor. Also, He stated that the Ford part number ink stamp with the correct fonts, have been difficult to find. I will report back.


I am currently waiting for the call that the wiper motor restore is complete! With the COVID-19 issue, has slowed their process. I will post once I have in my hand!


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I looked into the new replacement wiper motors and saw the wires required splicing. I was not real crazy about. The restore path was not the cheapest path. It does have the fit, finish, and works that I wanted.